“Dear Jamie…Unexpected – you guys really did it. 322 policies in 3 weeks, you truly are an amazing team. Looking forward to working with you again very soon.” – John K.

“David…Thought you would like to know what I sent when they asked for a reference! You guys rock!! “I cannot recommend this organization highly enough. The professionals at FRS {Forseti Real Estate Services} quickly analyzed our situation, and executed a major project for us in less than three weeks.” — Donald M.

“To: David…You will do all my searches and I am recommending you to everyone I know.” — Mara A.

“Thanks Stewart, I will not lie, you guys came in so low on the pricing I was concerned you would not be able to handle the project. We have everything {718 Searches} and are bidding our next project, which I am sure we will get. Your team does awesome work and you will be our search vendor from now on.” — Douglas S.

“Dear David and Jamie…I wanted to personally thank you for all the work you have done for us, you and your team have gone above and beyond. You really do offer the finest closing services in the State. You are all truly a pleasure to work with and I am glad we have decided to work with you.” — Michael D.

“Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We are so glad you are part of our “team”.” — Terry S.

“Richard , thank for the rush order (again) your search team is Phenomenal! Wish I had found you guys years ago!” — Cindy P.