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The Forseti Group is a software solutions company that improves real estate and property search processes by bridging gaps between data aggregation, organization and dissemination. 

Working within and between the government sector, settlement platforms and proprietary systems, we build specialized applications and craft tailored solutions that enable organizations to more efficiently consume, organize and distribute information. 


Combining real estate and title industry insight with technological foresight, we evaluate existing systems and processes, and we find and implement solutions to automate workflows and increase operational capacities. Whether we are building an entirely new platform or adapting one of our existing platforms, we have the tools and expertise needed to cater to the unique needs of each client. 


Leadership Team
David Harrington
Chief Operating Officer

David Michael Harrington currently serves as chief operating officer of The Forseti Group, of which he is also a founding partner. Thanks to David’s peerless expertise in the real estate industry, as well as his passion for building exceptional teams and implementing cutting edge technology, The Forseti Group has flourished during his tenure.


Since launching The Forseti Group in 2008, David has helped transform the company from a single product vendor into a top-tier firm responsible for numerous product launches in the private and public spaces. Some of these include TractRight, MuniConnect, MuniSettlement, and Vialok, each of which play critical roles in cross-platform and interorganizational communication in the real estate industry. With a meticulous focus on organizational needs, and a keen awareness of key trends throughout the industry, David is known for developing and acting on insights that dramatically improve business processes. His philosophy generally rests on two pillars: leveraging the latest technology, and building a team with the best minds available. This approach fits perfectly with David’s responsibilities for the day-to-day leadership and general management of his company.


Prior to starting The Forseti Group, David served as vice president at Innovative Title Services, where his management tactics dramatically increased the firm’s revenue by improving business processes, cultivating exceptional talent, and increasing the company’s exposure. With nearly two decades of experience in Florida real estate, and deep ties in the title industry, David has built a reputation as an invaluable partner for creating healthy, sustainable growth and mapping out a road plan towards a better future.


David is a member of the HRC, Equality Florida, and is a sustaining member of WMFE. When he’s not in the office, you can usually find David at a local sports event, or on the softball field with his local league. As a humanitarian, David also enjoys working with charitable organizations who share his passion for making his community a wonderful place to live and work.

Stewart Holley.jpg
Stewart Holley
Chief Marketing Officer

Stewart Risinger Holley serves as principal and chief sales officer at The Forseti Group. For more than two decades, Stewart has served as a trusted partner to firms who value his unparalleled expertise in the title insurance and real estate law spaces. He is also a highly sought after business architect, known for his ability to improve infrastructures, deep dive into unexplored niche markets, streamline operations, and responsibly leverage the latest theories in sales and marketing. To accomplish this, Stewart works hard to build strong teams and nurture innovative cultures that share his energy, and enthusiasm for building better businesses. He understands that when the stakes are high, every team member plays a vital role in improving a firm’s ability to function, and he makes sure everyone on his team understands the mission, and how they will reach the objective together.

His experience and knowledge has been published in hundreds of articles, books, and training manuals that are circulated throughout the industry on a global scale. He has spoken at over 300 events on real estate, sales, and technology, and loves the opportunity to offer his expertise with others who share his passion for real estate and business development.

Prior to launching The Forseti Group, Stewart served as education director for the Real Estate Law Series (where he currently sits in an advisory role), senior vice president at Vialok, sales manager with Stewart Title, and a change management consultant with Sarcom. He also served as a city council member for three terms.

In addition to his work at The Forseti Group Stewart is a decorated non-commissioned officer with the United States Army Reserves, of which he is a proud 17-year veteran. He holds a master’s degree in curriculum development from National Louis University, and a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Maryland. When he’s not in the office, Stewart enjoys traveling, discovering new wines, and spending time with his wonderful grandchildren.

Our Family of Companies


Over the years, we’ve built our business with one goal in mind: deliver thoughtful cost efficient, solutions to our clients' needs.  As the real estate industry continues to change, we must adapt. Our insights into the industry enables us to deliver real solutions which are competitively priced.  Take a look below at where our software and expertise have been successfully implemented.

TFG Property Reports
TFG Property Reports is a property search company that services title companies, underwriters and government agencies. We built a full-spectrum property reporting platform, called TractRight, that pushes and pulls data to and from multiple sources to provide a seamless workflow from start to finish. Specifically built with future integrations in mind, it can easily connect with settlement software platforms and other databases, such as those used internally by clients. Encompassing time logs, status updates, order pushes and communication channels, the platform provides a transparent, flexible working environment that allows for easy monitoring by upper management.
Orange Lien Data
Orange Lien Data acts as an intermediary between municipalities and title and lien search companies. Using our software (MuniConnect), the company automatically retrieves code, permit, special assessment and utility information from various government systems to produce instant lien searches. A task that previously fell on municipalities and took days or weeks to complete is now a quick, automated process that takes up no government staff time.
After using our platform for a year Orange Lien Data requested a second platform to settle municipal liens.  Within six months we created MuniSettlement. MuniSettlement allows City and County governments to streamline the collection of code liens by tracking outstanding liens, payments and communication with property owners.
Orange Lien Data Logo Final.png
Vialok is an app-based communication tool that eliminates the threat of wire fraud from the real estate closing process. Taking into consideration the everchanging cyberthreat environment and the complexities of the closing process – including workflows, regulations and  the individual needs of various parties involved - we built a communication tool to fit the industry’s unique needs. We then partnered with Keypasco, a global leader in authentication solutions, to ensure the tool was impenetrable.
RELS Logo Medium Transparent.png
Real Estate Law Series
Real Estate Law Series is a continuing education company that provides title agents and attorneys with learning opportunities. Under our guidance, the company saved tens of thousands of dollars by transitioning to a free, flexible, open-source learning management system that empowers students to learn on the go using any device at their own pace.



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